Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club Inc.
     Historic Vehicle Clubs are NOT Museums - and old vehicles are NOT ornaments.
             They best express their character and bring greatest pleasure when they are used for what they were always made to do.

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The Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club is situated in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW and accepts all makes and models of historic vehicles, with the emphasis on authenticity. 
Membership in a recognised club is compulsory to obtain a restrictive “Conditional Registration” under the 
 which then allows you to use your vehicle on recognised club “runs”.

Other restrictions with this permit are that the vehicle is as close to original as possible, however some safety features such as blinkers, seat belts and stoplights may be fitted. The vehicle is inspected by one of our club designated inspection officers annually without charge. Vehicles may also be used for journeys necessary for servicing the vehicle within a short distance from where the vehicle is normally garaged. Special journeys can be undertaken if notice is given to the club’s “Plates Registrar” or other club designated recorder. Vehicles may also take part in processions, displays and rallies provided the club has received an official invitation. Vehicles may be used for charitable purposes, weddings or public relations provided that the club has granted permission and that neither the club nor the member receives any money or other remuneration. Prohibited use includes joyrides, shopping trips, social functions (except when declared a club event), advertising for personal gain and activities of a similar nature. More details can be found here (Council of Motor Clubs) and here RMS. The latter is suggested reading as there is quite a bit of mis-information circulating regarding conditions of use etc.
For more information on the HCRS scheme, please click on our tab to the left of screen.
NB For RMS purposes, a historic vehicle must be 30 years of age or older as from the year of manufacture.
Veteran Vehicles (manufactured before 1 January 1919)
Vintage Vehicles (manufactured after 31 December 1918 and before 1 January 1931)
Classic Vehicles (manufactured after 31 December 1930 and which are 15 years of age or more and recognised by the NRMA as a collectable vehicle

Please Note: The Roads and Maritime Services is a NSW State Government agency established on 1 November 2011.
Customers should continue to access services as you currently do

Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club

44th Berrima Rally 
Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th February 2020  

Entry form, Program and Accomodation/Invitation details on the links below
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